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Imagine AI is a solutions provider for Automation, AI Vision & Robotics. Our vision is to shape the future production landscape through being a technology company that builds the digital infrastructure for modern manufacturing. Imagine AI delivers affordable Automation, AI Vision & Robotics solutions to help transform companies, businesses and production processes.

“We’re At The Beginning Of A Golden Age Of AI…And We’ve Only Scratched The Surface Of What’s Possible.“


Our Solutions

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Reliable and dependable automation expertise and local manufacturing support to help businesses achieve the optimum productivity and efficiency of a smart factory.

AI Vision

Deploys the latest computer AI vision technology to conduct accurate quality control and statistical analysis for better and faster decisions.

AI Robotics

Shuttle freely in various indoor and outdoor environments, ideal for production, manufacturing, warehouse facilities, building & construction and agriculture.

AI Vision Quality Control Standard Machine

Affordable AI Vision Standard Machines for QC inspection and various different applications. Perfect for any kind of on-demand inspection to detect missing parts, defects, scratches, etc.

Why Choose Us?

  • Exponential increase in inspection accuracy and reduction in error rate

  • Reduce unplanned downtime in manufacturing due to human error

  • Sharp increase in productivity growth

  • Shorter ROI period

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